Sunday, December 27, 2009

For Xena in Singapatch

Some pics of the semi new apartment. I love it. I should have moved eons ago. Got my first utility bill...$28, hahaha, for the whole month. I only have to pay electric. How am I ever going to buy a house? Seriously $28 and I can take as many long hot showers and keep the thermostat up as high as I want. Note: I do not waste too many resources :) When you first walk in, you face the bathroom. The laundry room (yes a whole room) is on the left and the little hall to the bedroom is on the right.

Finally I have a headboard like a real person. I love it. It is gray, velvet, and tufted. Unfortunately it looks too classy for my duvet cover. So I am on the hunt for a new one. Also the bedside table is going. I found the perfect thing at Macys online. However they won't ship to Peoria and it costs $80 to ship to Bear's Mother in Law in Springfield. Get with the times Macys, ship to store. I am sure a truck comes to Peoria put my shit on it and if the truck is already going to Springfield don't charge me $80, let me come get it at the store.Walk in closet, Yay!
Turning left and looking into the main area. Kitchen on the left, dining room table, aka junk catcher on the right. Living room straight ahead. The giant window is a slider out to a tiny balcony. It was too bright for a good pic. For the first time in 11 days the sun is shining.

Tiny kitchen, that actually is perfect sized, because of the tons of counter space, good amount of cabinets and small floor to mop. Oh that's right, I actually mop floors now. I have turned over a new non dirty leaf.

Standing with my back to the slider. There's your chair. Normally the yoga mat isn't in it, but I had just vacuumed. Oh yeah, vacuuming.

So request fulfilled. Now maybe in 2 months I will post some Christmas pics.