Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Toys

When I first started The 30 Day Shred over a year ago, I didn't have shoes to wear in the house. So I just didn't wear any. Eventually I started developing callouses on the ends of my toes from doing push ups. I drug my feet (ha) on purchasing shoes because I can be really cheap if I just don't care about something. I finally bought shoes when every single toe was jacked up. I wish I hadn't waited so long, those callouses are taking forever to Ped Egg off. So when I started noticing callouses on my hands from weightlifting/pull ups, I knew not to dick around. I do not want my hands looking like my toes. Enter in these babies. The cheapest ones they had, and green, my favorite color, to boot.

Well I have come a long way from the days of The 30 Day Shred, because then I bought a heart rate monitor. I have started doing cardio interval training and apparently I need to be "in the zone." I think if I feel like I'm going to die, I must be "in the zone." But if knowing exactly how close to exploding my heart is will make this work better; I'm in. So I picked up a monitor. It has continuous monitoring. Basically that function allows me to sit on the couch and try to get my heart rate as low as possible. I feel I am not using the product as intended, but it is addictive. I hit 43 beats a minute at one point, hahaha, me and Lance Armstrong baby!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Giant Cookie

On my way home from work I pass a sign for The Giant Cookie on Knoxville Ave. It is a really nice sign, it jumps out with a great logo. A Giant Cookie smiling and wearing a chef's hat advertising homemade cookies, ice cream and ice cream cakes. I never stopped because I'm usually in a rush to get home to get P90X underway (exercise mention in a post about gorging on cookies). A few weeks ago I noticed the same sign at 2244 West Glen Avenue. It is in the strip mall just east of the intersection of Glen and War Memorial. That worked out for me to stop because I'm over there Saturday mornings. Basically The Giant Cookie rocks my face off.

The cookies are indeed giant. Family favorites include Butterfinger and Turtle. She usually has well over a dozen flavors to choose from. I think the cookies are $1.25 each, buy 6 get one free. For $5.95 you should get a "mini ice cream cake" It is essentially 2-3 cookies layered with ice cream and homemade toppings. They come in chocolate chip, praline, and peanut butter. Unfortunately they have been out of peanut butter both times I've been in. I think that will end up being Yoshie and mine's favorite. Right now Yoshie prefers chocolate chip while Bear and I love the Praline.

She also sells ice cream by the scoop, and has a few different flavors. I think you can get a Blizzard type item too. I've never done this because I'm usually getting my treats to go. I'm guessing they are probably just as delicious as everything else. One little nit-pick, there is no seating. So you would just kind of have to stand around to eat your ice cream.

I don't think the Knoxville spot is occupied anymore, but I've never asked her. I love that I've only been in there twice, a couple of weeks apart but she remembered who I was and asked if the people at the party loved the cookies. I had to lie, Bear, Yoshie, and I demolished all the cookies before said party. They didn't know what they missed. I'm a little worried that she only remembers me because she doesn't have that many customers. So I'm trying to get the word out. The Giant Cookie is a great local business.

Unrelated to the quality of the food product, I love that she loves her logo. It is embroidered on the polo she wears and she puts a sticker of it on the ice cream cake containers. It is just a really nice operation.