Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard!!! Yay!!!

So I've got a Snow Day today. Yay! Well yay for now until I have to try to drive in it tomorrow. I love walking in the snow. I can't wait until the weekend and I can go tromping through the woods. The drift in front of my front door is 33 inches. I loved busting through it. It was clear I was the first person out and about this morning and it was very eerie. I can see a main Peoria artery and the Interstate from my apartment and there weren't any cars on them. When I was scooping my car out a maintenance truck drove up and asked me if I was planning on going anywhere. I told him no, and he was like good, you won't make it past the stop light. Good to know. He thought they would have everything plowed by this afternoon. I remain skeptical.