Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Another one bites the dust. 2010 included such fun times as getting an I-pass and heading up to the suburbs, getting back to geocaching, buying a swimsuit and sitting in a hot tub for the first time in decades. It is a wild and crazy life I live kids. I've also kind of fell in love with house plants. My one aloe has turned into a collection of succulents, growing herbs under a grow light and trying to force a bulb. I also have taken a liking to winter hiking. It is so much better than hiking in the summer. I like how cold and peaceful it is, the snowier the better. I think by the end of January there'll be enough sunlight to go regularly after work. I need to soak it up while I can; I know when it warms up it will lose its appeal.

Health and Wellness wise I did a couple of cycles of P90X and Insanity. Hardest things I've done fitness wise for sure. I was in a super intense 2 a day workout cycle for a couple of months, but that just made me tired and hungry. So I've quit cardio and settled into a strength training routine using the P90X discs. Sad to say I'm still a bit gigglier than I was a year ago, gluten is the devil man. And sugar, sugar is also the devil. But on a positive note, I am wicked strong. Seriously, I can kick your ass. I can do a really nice pull up and my arms and back are jacked. Here's to 2011 including way less junk food and 30lb dumbbells.

What else is in store for 2011? A class at the local community college in massage therapy, possibly volunteering as a non skating official for the local roller derby league, and the bittersweet return to Internet dating. Lots to look forward too!