Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me (Almost)

So my birthday week is well underway, Wednesday I will be "almost 30" to quote my mother. Thanks a lot lady! Hey, you're almost 50. For the record, I'm turning 29 for the first time. My week started with a surprise trip from Xena from Singapore. Crazy, huh? We partied hardy at Bear and Yoshie's house Friday night and shopped till we dropped Saturday. It was super fun, a $1200 car repair bill was a bit of a mood killer, but I tried to shake it off as best I could.

I hate the dealership, those bastards. According to S I only got screwed out of $335, so that's good, I guess. Saturday night was ROLLER DERBY!!!!. I loved it so much. VIP tickets are the way to go. I would be willing to pay another couple of bucks per person if I could be guaranteed the seats that we had this time. They have try outs November 9, maybe Bear and I give it a go. Really, we just want to ride the bench in our Hot Topic costumes.

Sunday was a trip to Grandma's for a potluck and ice cream cake. S opted not to go, he had had enough of me and my family by then :)

Yesterday flowers from my mom arrived, they are purples, pinks, and blues. Gorgeous as usual. Becks does a great job. Then flowers from S arrived today. It is a very pretty fall bouquet. There are a couple of really interesting blooms and the vase is a lovely chotchkie :)I'm such a lucky gal. The fun keeps rolling on with a birthday lunch and shopping with mom and dad on tomorrow afternoon and a Here Come The Mummies concert in the evening.