Friday, February 27, 2009

Menutron 3000

So I have been trying to put together a menu for a party with my immediate family. Jeez, between everyone's legitimate dietary restrictions and their just being picky, I was having a heck of a time. So I entered into the Menutron 3000 all of the parameters to determine the ideal lunch menu. Red items are actual medical conditions, yellow ones are just people being babies, and green are favorites.


(due to Celiac's),
Meat with bones, seafood, dark chocolate
Chinese, Mexican, lemon, candy

anything with spice/garlic/peppers
(due to reflux)
seafood, grilled meats, potatoes

Non chicken Meat, seafood, orange, all veggies except broccoli

Chinese, Mexican, Pasta

Chinese, Mexican, vegetables, fruit, dairy

meat, seafood, bread, onion rings

Non chicken meat

Chicken Parmasan, spinach dip, french toast

RR lack of intel only confirmed


refined sugars
(due to Diabetes)
everything else in the world.

So what does the Menutron 3000 spit out? Just go to Arby's and call it a day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

E True Hollywood Story

Mario Lopez? Really? I mean I love AC Slater as much as the gal, but does Mario Lopez really merit a THS special. I think not. I mean I am totally watching it right now but I don't like it one bit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So yesterday I had to go to a funeral, but the up side was spending the afternoon with my sister Tottie. I don't see Tottie very often, she is the baby and therefore way too cool for the rest of us. But at the funeral, we totally were the coolest people there so she interacted with us. The sadness comes from the fact that Tottie confirmed she is moving to Arizona after graduation in May. Arizona is so far away. I know she doesn't love to play with us all that often, but when she does we have a really good time. It makes me sad that we will only see each other a couple of times a year. I kind of always hoped that she would eventually come around to liking us, but that is never going to happen if she is in Arizona. Even worse news, she is taking my niece puppy, Maia, with her. Sure Tottie will come home for Christmas, but Maia won't fly so she probably will never make it back to Illinois, boooo. I love that Spanador.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Saturday Xena and I went to watch her brother's track meet in Monmouth, Illinois. It was the most bizarre college campus I have ever seen. All Saturday we did not see one student walking around. It was like a ghost town, very creepy. Monmouth the town looked very nice. There were lots of old, large, well maintained house. A lot of the spiffed up houses weren't even "upgraded" to vinyl. It was very refreshing. Sunday, we ate Spanish cheese, beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes and bread. Of course the bread made me feel gross. If you stop eating most gluten, when you do eat it your GI system is like, "ummm we don't do this anymore." Someday I will learn. My latest gluten free find is Nutty Flax cereal. 3.5g of fiber for a 1 ounce serving. It tastes vaguely like graham crackers. I need to experiment using it in a crumb crust for pies.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Xena and I went geocaching in Eureka today. And for once we actually found the treasure! The one other time we went, we couldn't find any one of the 3 we were looking for. Today we did so well, we were 3 for 3. It was quite awesome, if not a little cold. Geocaching in cemeteries is actually not as creepy as I thought it would be. It was very peaceful and you didn't have to worry about people wondering what you were doing. However, it was a little creepy when the clue, "the wife was born one year before the husband and died one year after him" lead us to a marker with Xena's name! What are the odds? I didn't get it at first, Xena was like, "Hey it is Xena" and I'm all, "oh yeah such a nice name, more people should use it" and she says "no check the dates, it is this one, it is Xena," Yikers, just a small shiver went down my spine.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Because all the cool kids are doing it...

1. I worry about falling down a flight of stairs and knocking out my teeth.
2. I love guacamole.
3. I just bought a rice cooker and am very happy with it. I would recommend getting one.
4. I hate vacuuming. My carpet is very gross. I embarrassed, but not enough to vacuum it.
5. Every other week I make homemade pizza and eat it for 6 days straight.
6. I have been in love with Captain Jean Luc Picard since I was 8 years old.
7. Lately I have been obsessed with checking out the dogs at the Peoria Pound website.
8. My favorite color is green, but looking at my wardrobe you would think it was pink. I don't know why that happens.
9. I hate the Olive Garden, but their damn commercials featuring sausage entrees make me reconsider never going there again.
10. For someone who doesn't drink I have a huge collection of alcohol.
11. Sometimes I have violent thoughts about people at work.
12. I don't like touching wet fabric. Some days if my cuffs get wet I have to change my shirt. I don't like taking the laundry from the washer into the dryer.
13. I don't buy products that contain gluten.
14. I love caramelized onions.
15. I really like geocaching and wish I could go more often. Alas, no hiking in the woods alone.
16. I get sad when I look at my collection of torn out magazine recipes and realized I will never make them all.
17. I am reading a blog of a woman who's older sister has come to live with her family while she dies of pancreatic cancer. It made me make Bear promise that I could come live with her to die.
18. For a few weeks I have been sleeping with my head at the opposite end of the bed. I don't know why or when I will switch back.
19. I am paranoid about running out of things. I have half dozen tooth brushes, several shower curtain liners, extra dish soap, yet I only have one half used packet of toilet paper.
20. I hate most people.
21. I don't get a good night's sleep if I am not in my own bed. I never really go on vacation as a result.
22. I love Pysch. Gus, Do I have pudding on my pants?
23. The skin on my heels is so cracked and gross. I have never had dry skin in my life prior to this winter.
24. I will continue to profess my love of Chris Pureka's music.
25. My sister cuts my hair because I am cheap and lazy.