Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Round Up

Saturday Xena and I went to watch her brother's track meet in Monmouth, Illinois. It was the most bizarre college campus I have ever seen. All Saturday we did not see one student walking around. It was like a ghost town, very creepy. Monmouth the town looked very nice. There were lots of old, large, well maintained house. A lot of the spiffed up houses weren't even "upgraded" to vinyl. It was very refreshing. Sunday, we ate Spanish cheese, beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes and bread. Of course the bread made me feel gross. If you stop eating most gluten, when you do eat it your GI system is like, "ummm we don't do this anymore." Someday I will learn. My latest gluten free find is Nutty Flax cereal. 3.5g of fiber for a 1 ounce serving. It tastes vaguely like graham crackers. I need to experiment using it in a crumb crust for pies.

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