Sunday, February 8, 2009


Xena and I went geocaching in Eureka today. And for once we actually found the treasure! The one other time we went, we couldn't find any one of the 3 we were looking for. Today we did so well, we were 3 for 3. It was quite awesome, if not a little cold. Geocaching in cemeteries is actually not as creepy as I thought it would be. It was very peaceful and you didn't have to worry about people wondering what you were doing. However, it was a little creepy when the clue, "the wife was born one year before the husband and died one year after him" lead us to a marker with Xena's name! What are the odds? I didn't get it at first, Xena was like, "Hey it is Xena" and I'm all, "oh yeah such a nice name, more people should use it" and she says "no check the dates, it is this one, it is Xena," Yikers, just a small shiver went down my spine.

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