Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jigga Whaaa?

So I just read a list of 10 "Best New Romantic Getaways" According to Bon Appetit you should "Liven up your winter with a quick trip to these spots that have stellar food, a warm welcome, and a certain off-the-beaten-path appear." On that list....june in Peoria Heights....I mean I am sure it is great restaurant and I am all about the Peoria area getting some good press, but come on! What the heck about Central Illinois screams romantic getaway? I can support the off-the-beaten path aspect, but romantic getaway, ummm not so much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Evenings with my yenta

So part of the greiving process is spending every non working moment with my sister. Really, not that much different than normal. Bear and I have been working on getting back on the horse...that horse being Remember when eharmony called me an asshole? Oh, yeah I remember. So Bear has some highlights over at her blog, you should check it out.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Post

So I have been inspired by Sister Bear to look back at 2009 and name my top 3 events. Suffice to say, 2009 was was real roller coaster.

1. I got unfat and Shredded. In fairness that process started in 2008, but the most intense work was done in the beginning of 2009. "Moderation" in 2008 took me from obese to overweight, but I wanted to be average. The light bulb came on, if I was going to eat in "moderation" I was always going to be moderately fat. I am 5'1", my resting pulse is 54 beats, my blood pressure is 106/62, even my breathing is slow! I have no metabolism. So 2009 started with calorie restriction (carefully monitoring fiber, protein, calcium and taking a multivitamin) which finally made the unfat goal (BMI in the average range) obtained around June of 2009. 70 lbs gone. From on my way to morbid obesity to average. Yay average! I started The 30 Day Shred. I still do it almost everyday and lost another 5lbs and gained a ton of muscle. Pretty crazy, from quickly approaching a size 20 down to a size 2 jeans by August of 2009. I don't care if that is vain, you can suck it. The world is a much nicer place when you are thin. It is unfortunate, but that is reality. I do have much more energy, my cholesterol levels are insanely awesome, and I am very strong if that makes you feel better :) Sometimes I flirt with the idea of losing the last 25lbs to get lean enough to do a pull up, but let's face it, my face would just get more hatchet-like, my butt would get flatter, and I'd still have a ginormous rack. You can't fight genetics. So I am working on maintaining, well in truthfulness getting the 5 holiday pounds back off. Goal for 2010, stay vigilant.

2. Bear moved to town in June. Yay Bear! I love her and Yoshie dearly. I can't imagine not living next to them ever again. She just provides so much companionship, support, and help. Any task I have to do, she will help and it will go more than twice as fast. Yoshie is always good for a laugh. Bear and I are high strung and his levity is good for us. I am so glad that we are growing as friends. My sister is now one of my Besties. Goal for 2010, convince Tottie to move to Peoria too :)

3. Fall of 2009, fell in love, awww. It was very fun and all encompassing and a real learning experience. Unfortunately, the beginning of 2010 has left me pondering the old question, "Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?" And that sucks, hardcore. I'm still in the grief stage, but life goes on. I can't let this define my 2010. Goal for 2010, find a new man. Well men, you can't stick with the rebound :)

So that's my top three. Not mentioned were getting the new apartment in October (yay), Xena moving to Singaport in August (boo), getting really good feedback at work including a raise despite a wage freeze (yay, but still boo cause they took away the 401k match and have announced more of the same in 2010). Here's hoping for more yays than boos in 2010.