Monday, June 27, 2011

Rain Delayed

So what do you do to pass time during a rain delay? Why take silly pics of course. This rainy night at the ball park clued me in to the fact that I only want to go out in public with a giant umbrella from now on. It is like you are in your own little world, or you have a force field up or something. Anything that separates me from the general public I'm a fan of. I needed it Friday night when we were at the movies and the jerk behind me kept kicking my seat. He then put his bare foot on my arm rest! I jumped up and whipped around to hiss at him. It would have been so much more satisfying to shove an umbrella up his ass. Seriously, were you born in a barn? Keep your friggin shoes on and out of my personal space.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CSA pick up 2

No pictures this week, I forgot before I started prepping everything for storage/eating. So what was in the bag this week? Lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce. Literally three types. Also radishes (this time the fancy French breakfast kind that you can't get in stores), green onions, green garlic, tarragon, white turnips, and...strawberries! They were so little and cute we ended up just eating them plain before, during, and after dinner. The green onions were immediately turned into a Spicy Sesame Noodle dish, which I loved but others were not so keen on cold noodles (I'm growing Thai basil on my balcony).

Last week I was pretty successful in using up everything. Some of the green garlic and onions were tossed and ashamedly a bit of asparagus was. It got left at Mandi's house and I kept forgetting to retrieve it and they aren't veggie fans. The real hit was with a Rhubarb and Raspberry Crostata. I loved the crust; I want to try to to use it with other filling combos. I just roasted last week's radishes. I hope to give this week's a more unusual treatment.

So far, so good. I'm anxious to get out of lettuce season and on to the more substantial items, but eating seasonally is part of the game.