Saturday, June 5, 2010

Green Thumb

So I was inspired by my sister's garden adventures and decided to get my horticulture on. Actually, I was inspired by the guilt of keeping a 2ft across aloe plant in a 6 inch pot. That's the beauty of an aloe, you don't water it, keep it in a dark room, in a too small pot and it it just keeps on ticking.

I love succulents. They remind me of Grandma Gryp's home in Geneseo, she had a bunch of Hens and Chickens. So when I ran across a magazine picture of a bunch of succulents in a dish it caught my eye. I decided to recreate it. Bear was skeptical. In fact she was creeped out. Hens and Chickens make her skin crawl. Unfortunately I lost the picture, so I couldn't show her how cool and mod some succulents look. She was a good sport and quickly came around. She actually found me the PERFECT pot at JoAnn's, it is 17 inches across but only 8 inches deep, and a lovely slate gray. It took Bear and I 6 stops at 4 garden centers to make 3 purchases. We love a good treasure hunt. This fed our obsessive compulsive nature like none other. We got to hem and haw and drive in circles to make sure we got it just right. And we did. I give it a 10 out of 1o. Seriously, that never happens. Our life motto is, "I wish...." followed by a nit pick. No wishing here. Love It! Love it so much it got moved from its original home of my bedroom and out on to the dinner room table. Not only did the aloe get breathing room it is now going to have sunlight. Upgrade!
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