Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's Someone For Everyone

So sometimes when I get bored I enjoy perusing the popular match making sites, to see what's out there in Peoria. Sometimes I lament being a big chicken and not just jumping right in. However, there are days like today when hanging out on the sidelines seems like a very wise choice. I would love to link to one of the potential suitors out there so you can get the visual, but frankly, I am afraid. You see this gentlemen has a loverly swastika tattooed on his face. But he would like you "not to judge" him. Seriously. Dude, YOU DID THAT TO YOURSELF. It isn't like it is some unfortunate birthmark. How can we not judge you? He does confess that his facial tattoo "rubs some people the wrong way." I feel like even klans men are like, "Ummm, we wear hoods so we can still get jobs, what angle are you working?"


Anonymous said...

Do you really get to check anyone out without joining the sites?

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

You have to sign up, but it is free and you can set the preferences so your profile isn't visible.