Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chirstmas is Coming

For some people it is It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, or the Rudolph cartoon, you know that show you have to sit and watch if you run across it during the holidays. For me it is A Very Brady Christmas, and I just ran across it on the Family Channel. Cookie and candy making is going to be slow going for the next two hours while I soak in the cheesy goodness. The 60's split level all redecorated in the contemporary (read 80's) style cracks me up. I can't believe I just realized that Peter's soon to be fiance, oops did I just spoil that plot line for you :), played a reoccurring roll on Matlock. Seems like any show made during the 80s can be traced back to Matlock, Perry Mason or Murder She Wrote. Like the entry level Hollywood job was murderer on murder mystery show.


Mandi said...

Be careful Mike! Wear a hardhat so we can have a Christmas miracle.

Also, half a pound of cheese looks pathetic, so I got 3/4 lb.

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

Maybe if you sing O Come All Ye Faithful towards the non Land O'Lakes White American cheese we will have our own Christmas miracle.