Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

Voting was interesting. There was a 45 minute wait at 6pm in ye old north Peoria, but I had my patient hat on. It really chapped my ass that there was no flier containing neutral language for the constitutional convention. I will be filling out this form. Just to add insult to injury, a poll worker announced, "The first 4 pages is about changing the constitution, so if you already know what you want you can save some time." Ummm no, it isn't voting to change the constitution. It is just so aggravating; nothing in this state is going to change until we limit the number of years someone can hold a leadership position (speaker, president, minority leader, etc) and change the gerrymandered districts. Krupa/Gordon, who the hell really cares? It doesn't matter; a trained monkey can go and be told how to vote by party leadership. That's the system we have now, only a change to the constitution will fix that. Step One, convene a constitution convention.

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