Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Inside Out Enchilada Suizas

So last Sunday I made a pork butt for company. Consequently I had pounds of leftover pork. I was pondering what to do with all my pork. I was considering just being lazy and eating it with a little bbq sauce, possibly slapping it on a pizza crust. When it came to me, Enchiladas Suizas!

One of my favorite local restaurants is Jalapenos. I usually get the Enchiladas Suizas. Basically cheese enchiladas topped with shredded pork and green sauce. I love pork. I love cheese. Enchiladas Suizas is divine. And because the planets were in alignment, I also happen to have enchilada verde sauce and jack cheese waiting to be used up in the fridge!

If I have any GF readers out there, I don't know if Jalapenos can accommodate special requests. I am not GF out of the house and my mother isn't super sensitive and risks it at Mexican places. So if you are "glutened" very easily be sure to ask! Most of the servers speak English pretty well and are very nice (I usually go to the one in the Metro Center).

Inside Out Enchilada Suizas
4 corn tortillas
4 oz shredded pork
1/2 cup verde sauce
1 oz shredded jack cheese
oil for frying

Fry your tortillas for 15 seconds and then blot them off. I haven't tried it yet, but microwaving them in a damp paper towel is supposed to achieve the same results. It just makes the tortilla more pliable and not so raw tasting. Into the tortilla goes 1 oz of pork and 1/8 oz of cheese. Put 2TB of the sauce in the bottom of a 5.5 x 7.5 glass baking dish. Lay the 4 enchiladas
in the dish and cover with the rest of the sauce. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. The edges get crispy, which I like. You could cover with foil if that isn't your thing.


Unknown said...

You should let me know how spicy this is, because it sounds simple enough for even me to make.

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

It really isn't that spicy. The verde sauce I use is mild. It is the palmas brand. To punch it up you could use pepper jack cheese.