Sunday, November 16, 2008

Something Else I Love

I love getting flowers. I know it is wasteful. I know they die in a week. I don't care; I love it. I usually get flowers twice a year, for my birthday and Christmas from my mom. Thanks to a surprise delivery earlier this week I am on track to get flowers 3 times this year!

My parents' computer had a virus and needed to be wiped clean. No biggie, my dad really only uses it to surf the net. My mom is very computer illiterate and only wants to use the computer to print things for her scrapbook projects. Well after the wipe clean we went to install her Scrapbook CD and it had gone missing. My aunt sent an updated version of the program, but it needed some Microsoft file to run. So I talked my mom through downloading it. It took almost 2 hours (only 7 minutes to actually download; she can't type). But it was okay, I had my patience hat on. Then she goes to start the new scrapbook program and it needs another Microsoft file. No biggie, she has the hang of it now; we will get it. Don't be bummed out mom. Ummmm wait, the estimate to download the new file for dial up, almost 11 hours. Ouch, she is sad that she wasted my time. I am sad she doesn't have her old scrapbook CD, because really she would have to learn how to do everything over. I am sure version 16 is a lot different than version 2. It was terrible. So I after I hung up with her I got on Ebay and bought the old version and had it shipped to her as a surprise. Turns out she ordered me flowers. We both felt so bad we bought each other presents :) The card says, "If the accounting thing doesn't work out, you can teach senior citizens computer skills..."