Monday, December 8, 2008

Bummed Out

My front, driver's side tire has a leak. It has never been quite right. It always looks low to me. I use the pressure gauge thingy and it says it is fine, but I can see that it rides lower than the others. And I think the gauge thing is broken or I am just not using it properly. When I get an oil change they never say anything, and tire pressure is supposed to be one of the 16 point checks. So I am convinced I am crazy. Last time at the dealership I got the $100 rotation, balancing whatever whatever and no mention of a low tire. Must all be in my head. Yeah except tonight, after work, I see that it has clearly gone down. Back to the dealership I go. Arrrgh.

You know what really bums me out, this feeling of ground hog's day. Almost exactly two years ago, I had a tire with a slow leak. I ended up getting 4 new tires because they all were cracked or something, and I am a stupid woman who will fall for anything blah blah blah. A month later Stephanie Torman failed to yield on circle green left turn at the intersection of Knoxville and War Memorial and ran her car right into my beloved Lucy totaling her, with her brand new tires. Somebody at the junk yard got a really good deal. $500 right down the crapper. Luckily I was just bruised; it could have been much worse. I was going 40mph and she just drove right into me. A seat belt saved me from eating the steering wheel. One month later, 5 days after picking up my new Malibu, in crappy weather, going 10 mph I slid off an interstate on ramp doing $8,000 of damage to my new car. Worst day of my life. I had gone 10 years without any auto accidents and then had my first two with two months. I can't take that again. This air coming slowly out of my tire is like a harbinger of auto catastrophe.


Mandi said...

don't be a downer. we make our own luck. that's why i'm a lucky person.

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

I think you are lucky because Jesus loves you more, that or he hates to hear you whine and carry on when you lose.