Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Asshole Who Lives Above Me Part 2

So where we left off last night, I was braless and fuming. Shortly after making the post I finally cracked. I put on a bra, stormed up the stairs, gave 3 good raps police style and......nothing. He wouldn't answer the mother fucking door! So now what? An hour later I tried again, still no answer. Dude, I know you are in there. I can hear you walking around, I refer to you as Trompy for a reason. So I didn't get much sleep due to being so amped up. I don't do confrontation well and apparently I don't do non confrontation-confrontation well either. Called the apartment people in the morning and they seemed concerned enough, but said in the future I should call the police. Ummm, I am fairly certain the Peoria Police have more pressing issues than the Tuesday night Rock Band party at Casa de Trompy. How about you just tell him no more Rock Band or to turn it down when the neighbors start banging on the door.

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