Sunday, December 14, 2008


I visited Indiana for the first time ever yesterday. When Illinois goes belly up, Wisconsin and Iowa are still preferable for relocation. West Lafayette wasn't really wowing me. They need bigger street signs. Actually, first they need stop light poles. Most all the stop lights were hung from wires. It looked really junky and necessitated placing the street name signs off to the side and lower to the ground. It was really hard to read and frustrating. Really, driving "on campus" any where is frustrating. I was having trouble being a new urbanist yesterday. Most of my thoughts were along the lines of, "Why can't she get married at some mega church out in cornfield with an ocean of parking like everyone else." And, "What the hell, get out of my way you freaking pedestrians, seriously tuba player I will run your ass over." I did get a chuckle that the Illinois welcome signs still say Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor at the bottom. I wonder if Pat Quinn already has new ones on order.

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