Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Driving

I am a terrible driver. I over react; I freak out. I am tense. Winter driving dumps huge amounts of adrenaline into my system and it takes me hours to recover. My normal pulse is around 55 beats a minute, anytime it spikes up in the 80s I am jacked up for what seems like eons. I get shaky and pukey. So today's commute home took an hour (normally 25 mins) and I almost rear ended someone on the interstate. To make matters worse, my wiper blades kinda crapped out. I had to lean to see out to the passenger's side. Bad Vanilla Bean Counter, bad. You know what really makes me a dumbass? The fact that I have had new wipers ready to install since last winter. I bought them at Walmart, but couldn't figure out how to install them so I bought new ones at AutoZone where they will install them for you. In my defense the AutoZone guy said he had never had such a problem getting blades off. So I am not a total moron, I just don't have a pocket knife. I never returned the WalMart ones. Too bad my blades couldn't crap out when it is above freezing and I am able to try and install them myself. I see a visit to AutoZone in my future. This time I will not cheap out and will spring for blades that will last more than 9 months.

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Mandi said...

They are always very friendly there, and I'm sure they will be happy to get you fixed up with new super wiper blades.