Thursday, March 26, 2009

I feel pretty, oh so pretty?

A few weeks ago a Macy's sale flier arrive with some perfume/cologne samples included. I love sniffing those things. Really, it could be described as huffing. Smells are a big part of my sensory issues and when they are pleasing smells I love to take it all in. Usually after a few deep inhales I toss the inserts, however this time was different. Pretty by Elizabeth Arden smelled really nice, really really nice. But I feel it might have a tinge of old lady, so I can't decide if I really want to wear it. I have been sniffing it daily for three weeks now. The paper is just about out of juice, and I am no closer to a decision.

I know this seems silly, but what I wear now, Envy by Gucci, I have worn for close to ten years. It is the only perfume I have ever worn, well aside from every woman my age's 5th grade fascination with "Malibu Musk". Back in college I would get complimented on the Envy a lot. As a real grownup there aren't a lot of places that people can tell you that you smell nice without it being creepy. Believe me, I don't want to hear I smell nice now, but I do kind of wonder if Pretty would elicit that kind of response. The smell of Envy is me, and like I said, scent is a huge part of my sensory deal. I can't imagine not smelling like it. I have actually spent time worrying about how I would react if I found out they weren't going to make it anymore. I still love how it smells, but is it possible I love Pretty more? Is it time for a change, do I not want to give up Envy because I am stuck in the past? Now a normal person would just wear both; clearly I am not normal. I like consistency and routine and I like smelling like me. So I need to make a decision, if the two people who read this blog could go get a whiff of Pretty and Envy and let me know what I should do, that would be great.


Mandi said...

You really need to get a spritz. It could smell totally different on you than on the paper.

Emerge Peoria said...

You should try CoCo by Chanel. But you can't pick it as "your" scent, because it is mine.


Vanilla Bean Counter said...

Thanks for the vote Emerge. I will check out CoCo. We can wear the same scent. I just can't promise that if we are in the same room I won't stand abnormally close to you while breathing deeply :)

Anonymous said...

Mandi is right. How it smells out of the bottle or off the magazine page is not enough to tell if it is for you. It depends how it mixes with your body chemistry.