Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Wrap Up

Easter was quite delightful. Tottie made an appearance and the food was delicious. Unfortunately the dessert I made blew. This is not good, I don't understand the 4 forks rating. The white chocolate part was okay, but the lemon mousse was odd tasting. I probably just don't like lemon curd. My trifle bowl wasn't big enough, mussing up the layers and the fruit to mousse ratio. Oh well live and learn. These were very good. They cost an arm and a leg because you can only buy crab meat in a 1 pound can at Dixon's ($33.15/can). So I don't know if I would make them again because it was a lot of filler of cream cheese, panko, etc and when you spend that much on the crab you really want it to be the star. I made these two butters to go with the roasted asparagus. I really liked the horseradish one, and it will be great on leftover ham sandwiches. The Parmesan one is just okay. I don't think I would make it again. I only had 14 bucks a pound Parmesan in the fridge and it was wasted in this. By the looks of this menu the recession hasn't hit the Vanilla Bean Counter pantry. Really, I had already been to Kroger twice on Saturday when I realized I didn't have a tub of the already grated stuff. I just couldn't will myself to go back.

My youngest cousins are farm kids. Last year they were showing only pigs. Well this year they each have a goat. Oh my gosh the goats are freakin' adorable. I kind of want a goat. I am a dumb ass and didn't get any pics. I always forget I have my camera in the car. Google "Boer Goat babies" for the visual. Their ears are so fun. They seemed to have colds, they were sneezing and kind of snot/drooling all over. I hope I didn't catch Goat Flu or rabies.

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