Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bad Hippie

Hypothetical question. Say you realize in the parking lot of the Hippie Grocery Store the only cloth bag you have with you is the Walmart one you were gifted by your 8 year old cousin. What is the bigger sin, carrying a Walmart bag in the Hippie Grocery Store or getting plastic? Not that this has happened to me the last two times I have been to the Hippie Grocery Store or anything.


Anonymous said...

What kind of hippies would use plastic bags at their store? They are the ones that should be ashamed, not you.

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

The Queen Mother Hippie Store, Whole Foods, switched to paper only a couple of years ago (bring in your own cloth bags and get a discount). Adjusting for the lag factor in Peoria, I expect the cloth bag revolution to arrive in about 8 years. You would think Hippies would be a little more progressive.

Anonymous said...

At least if you carry the Wal-Mart bag they'll look at the poor little woman who used to shop at evilE Wal-Mart...if you ask for plastic, you might get the 'you're-killing-the-earth-you-jerk' glare of anger and annoyance. I vote for carrying the Wal-Mart bag to gain pity :o)