Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So I am obsessive, not so much compulsive but definitely obsessive. I think about everything, get stuck in "analysis paralysis," etc. This whole online dating thing is the latest obsession. It manifests itself in frequently checking the same profiles over and over saying to myself, "See there are normal people out there. You should do this." Sending my friends my user name and password to have them log in and view profiles of "normal ones," to give an opinion. Currently my profile is hidden while I get a decent pic. But because of a glitch on my part, my profile was visible for a couple of hours Sunday morning. When I went to fix it, I noticed that when you are visible you can see who has viewed your profile. Yeah, so all the "normal ones" that I have been obsessively clicking on and having everyone and their brother clicking on using my name can totally see that. So all of the "normal ones" totally have me filed under the "not normal ones," aka potential stalker. Ooopsie.

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