Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eharmony Says I am an Asshole

"Your emphasis on personal independence and personal responsibility may seem to lack in compassion to some people. Undoubtedly you have encountered people who feel this way toward you. And some may find you to be rather selfish. You do stay focused on your own life, take responsibility for your own problems, and are not always moved by situations in which some people think some action is required. That is part of you and your basic beliefs about life. And some people will inevitably want you to be different, but that is simply not who you are."

I feel the label is going to hamper my ability to get matched with non-assholes. Guess I should fire up a match.com profile. There is no judgment over there, unless of course you have a swastika tattoo on your face.


Ms. PH said...

Yeah well . . . according to Facebook, Jesus thinks I'm a twat! Good luck!

Mandi said...

You just need to find someone who wants to be told what to do. Don't worry. There's plenty of those.