Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reflections on Tottie's Graduation

1. The ASL sign for "robot,' looks like the robot dance. Seeing a chubby, middle aged woman doing the robot in the middle of a boring speech is hysterical.

2. For some jacked up reason the alphabet in Iowa ends with the letter 'G'

3. The Iowa Power Company made me miss The River Station.

4. Grandpa G kind of has a lead foot. After hour 2 in the car and hour 6 sitting on my ass in general; it was greatly appreciated.

5. There are some really shitty roads in Illinois.

6. Peoria needs a Von Maur, their bathrooms are always so clean.


Mandi said...

Thanks for representing the siblings. Check out this link for a great image of robot.

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

She totally tilted her head and torso to the side more.