Monday, August 30, 2010


Sweat matted hair, no makeup, and uni-boob, one sexy look for a 4th date huh? Date 2 involved geocaching on a well-traveled walking trail. It was super successful. S is a natural and he requested doing harder ones in the future, “something more in the forest.” The fear of him raping and murdering me has passed, so into the forest we went. Geocaches are rated using a 1-5 scale for difficulty/terrain. I generally stick to 2/2s and below. Well Sunday morning we went after a 3/3. The notes online said if we came at it from the wrong direction it would be a 3/4.5.

Oh my God, we must have come at it from the wrong direction 4 times over. At one point I was on my hands and knees climbing up a muddy, basically vertical, creek bed. There were frogs. It was so hot and exhausting. We spent an hour climbing around within a tenth of a mile of the cache. We finally ended up on the right ridge and then the “distance to point” numbers on the GPS began dropping like a rock. I started squealing, “That fallen tree, that fallen tree, it has to be there,” I staggered over and collapsed on the tree. At this point I don’t really know my name, the date or the current president. I rolled over and sat up on the log , 5 seconds later he sits down next to me and puts the cache on my lap. It was stuck in the end of the log. It took us an hour and forty five minutes to trek to within 200ft and then 5 seconds to find it. We rested for 5 minutes, finished the Gatorade and then started the hike out. It was better going out, but still took another 30 minutes. I was dead, but it was a real sense of accomplishment. There is no way pre P90X and Insanity I would have been able to make it. There was so much climbing and balancing, my quads and lower back were on fire.

Post a 45 minute break to get cleaned up, we went to The Sterling Family Restaurant for breakfast. I celebrated with a gyro omelet, hash browns, rye toast, and a quarter of a sweet potato waffle. If they would have had a cinnamon roll I would have ordered that too (that was the only disappointment with Sterling Family). I’d go through it again to eat that breakfast guilt free :) Two thumbs up.

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