Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who knew?

Bear: So have you turned on your heat yet?

Me: No, it isn't that bad right now. I have short sleeves on and I'm fine. But last night was a little chilly. But really, I like sleeping under two down comforters. I like the weight on top of me.

Bear: Because sometimes you are on the [autism] spectrum.

Me: Huh, really. I didn't realize two comforters was a sign.

Bear: Yeah sometimes the kiddos wear weighted vests for some sensory feedback. Maybe I will make you a vest. Then you can feel good and you will burn more calories because it is weighted!

Me: So I take it this isn't one of your special needs too.

Bear: No

Me: It isn't quite as funny when we don't share symptoms.


Unknown said...

Excellent. I wish I could give you kudos or something for this. Also, I'm glad I know who Bear is, because I first read it as if you were just having this conversation with an imaginary bear friend... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mandi said...

Way to educate the public. You should post a link to Get the word out!