Monday, March 16, 2009

Step Away From The GF Pizza Crust

Dear Family with two adorable girls in Naturally Yours last Saturday morning,

I got the feeling you're new to this whole gluten free thing. What with the excited exclamation of "Oh there's more stuff over here," while circling around to aisle 2 of gluten free goodness. You came to the right store, Naturally Yours has a great selection of GF products and the certified gluten free oats in Dad's hands were a good start. However, the 14.99 for two pizza crusts Mom was carrying are going to seriously disappoint. You will get much better results with making your own. Trust me I know. My gluten free pizza crust recipe will rock your face off. If you are avoiding casein substitute bean flour for the whey protein isolate and use your choice of dairy free "milk". I am sorry my mother conditioned me not to talk to strangers otherwise I could have saved you that 15 bucks and told you about gluten free mommy and gluten free gobsmacked (check the achieves, they are both awaiting babies and are posting less frequently), and if you are casein free too gluten free goddess and book of yum have got you covered. These woman are my go to gluten free authorities. Living the life will suck at first, depending on what you're used to (if you are white bread and Twinkie people, it will suck especially hard), but it will be worth it. There is a lot of tasty food out there that doesn't involved the evil gluten.

Best Wishes,
The woman with the GF tarmari, spilling tapioca starch over by the bulk bins

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